Caregiver Entrepreneur The Road Was Not Easy

My road on being a caregiver and a entrepreneur hasn’t been an easy one,
it first began when I had my triplets in 1994, after 71/2 weeks on bedrest
at Beth Israel Hospital in Boston I gave birth to my babies at only 28 weeks.

Steven was 1lb 14ounces, Ashley was 1lb 14ounces, and Justin was 1lb 9 ounces,
they had to stay in the NICU until they were at least 4 pounds. While I was still in
the hospital recovering from my c-section I went to see my babies daily, and even
when I was discharged from the hospital I made my daily visit to the NICU.

My babies were born in August and by October they were discharged from the hospital.
Now the work has begun, feeding, changing and bathing 3 was quite a job, my dear
mother was just amazing, she helped me, she made sure that I was able to rest,she
would take a 3 hour shift, and we would alternate between feedings.

During this time I would check on my online business when I could, that is the beauty
of being a entrepreneur, I had the freedom to work my business when I had a chance,
I also had a fantastic upline that was able to assist if a customer needed assistance.

Before I had my babies I worked a job, I was a sales assistant for a major office supply
company, I was assigned 5 salespeople and it was really grueling, I had the most salespeople
assigned to me because I was good at my job, imagine being good at what you do and not
being paid enough or appreciated for my efforts. I worked at that job for 10 years.

It was a blessing to have my babies, and my babies in a way started me on my road to be a
full time entrepreneur. I have never looked back, it has been quiet a experience. I would tell
anyone that has given birth to children with special needs that your life is not over, that you
can find it rewarding to work from home on the Internet. I felt fantastic that I was able to make
money and some really nice money from home.

When you are an entrepreneur the world is your oyster, you don’t have to answer to anyone,
you don’t have to deal with office politics, and gossip, you do not have to deal with nonsense.
I have met people from all over the world and have made lifelong connections, and friendships,
I also have been able to travel to places that I would have never been able to go because of
working from home on the Internet.  

I know that this is not the end of my journey, the best is yet to come.

To Your Success

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