Quality List Building Tips For 2017

Quality List Building Tips For 2017

List Building

Your hunt for quality list building tips has officially ended. As you commence your online marketing ventures for 2017, it is imperative that you know how to build and sus ain a long list of subscribers.

Having a long list of subscribers can mean the difference between having a ready audience to send your latest promotions out to or having to scavenge for people to market your products and services to. Online entrepreneurs should therefore focus their efforts and resources towards building a healthy list of subscribers.

If you are already familiar with the common phrase ‘the money is in the list’ then you probably understand what it takes to run a successful online business. If you do not have a list of subscribers (potential consumers) to send your latest promotions out to then it is justifiable to say that you are slowly plotting the demise of your online business enterprise. It is good to note that a bunch of consumer contacts and email addresses does not qualify to be called a list.

A list is a comprehensive consumer information database that may be comprised of names, phone numbers, email addresses, physical addresses and other information relevant to your line of work. This consumer information database cannot be built in a single day as it needs to be gradually molded into an online marketing resource that can be used for many years to come.

As an online entrepreneur, you need to develop a very intimate relationship with your list. This can be done by sending out quality messages that potential consumers can find useful and informative.

Here are a few link building tips that should help you in 2017:

Offer Free Products and Services


Free Giveaways

When it comes to building a list, generosity is a big part of attracting people to subscribe to your list. In order to show how generous you are, you will need to offer a few free products and services to people who fill in their names and email addresses to join your list of subscribers. These free offerings go a long way in showing your dedication to the happiness and satisfaction of your customers.

Establish A Healthy Relationship

As mentioned above, a list is not a list if you do not have some sort of relationship with the people on your list. People who subscribe to your list will want to feel important and sometimes even loved. It is your job to put yourself out there and show your subscribers that you are always there to help. Being a distant and unfriendly personality will only result in subscribers directing your promotional emails to their spam folders. This is not something that you want.

First, you must set the tone of the relationship by following up on the free products and services that you offered your subscribers. The free things that you offer on your website need to target a certain audience for optimal conversion. It does not make sense to give someone who wants to lose weight a free eBook about ‘how to gain weight fast’.

Offer Value Added Products and Services

Your initial list building efforts should also focus on offering value added products and services that complement the free products and services that you already disbursed. Consumers will decipher this as a continued form of support from you and they will not be afraid to invest a little bit of money on the value added products and services that you have to offer.

Send Valuable Information

Before you promote your value added products and services to your list, it is important that you send out a couple of non-promotional emails that offer valuable information about your niche business. Consumers are always hungry for information on the latest trends, updates and tips on achieving various tasks. Drafting captivating emails that offer quality information to your long list of subscribers is therefore a must. This is the only way you can sustain a healthy relationship with your subscribers.

Sending several emails every month is also highly recommended. However, it is important not send too many emails as some people get irritated by this. Mailing your list as regularly and as often as possible allows you to program your subscribers to always expect something from you.

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