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There was a time when article marketing was the in thing for referral traffic and SEO. Many well known article directories received thousands of article submissions from writers all across the world. As is the case with SEO industry, many vendors launched software solutions to automate everything and soon, the directories were full of low quality content.

At that time, Google also updated its algorithm and diluted the rankings of some of the largest article directories on the internet. In one fell swoop, article directories lost their luster and low-paid SEO consultants moved on to the next big thing. However, smart marketers always knew that article marketing isn't dead but it had changed for the better.

Gone were the days when anyone could submit hundreds of low quality articles to hundreds of cookie-cutter article directories to gain back links for SEO. The only thing that matters these days is quality.

If you are looking to get more targeted traffic for your website, follow these tips to get the most out of marketing efforts

article marketing strategy.


You can't succeed in this business without forming coherent strategy. Whether your goal is to promote your business, get leads, write product reviews, sell a product or add subscribers to your list, you need to have a coherent strategy to make the most out of your marketing efforts.

Article Directories

As part of the strategy, the first thing you need to do is find the article directories and blogs where you are going to submit your articles. There are a number of highly respected directories where it is not easy to get your content accepted. Some of the well-known article directories include Hubpages, EZinearticles, Examiner and Buzzle among others.

There are also several blogs that publish high quality articles from writers. You need to choose your targets carefully and study the existing articles on these websites to understand the style and information they want in their articles.

Plan Before Your Write Your Blog Post

Once you have carefully studied the style of the articles, you need to plan a series of articles for each website on your list. Ideally, you should plan ahead for at least 30 to 45 days. Make a goal to write a minimum number of articles each day. Make sure that the article you write is of high quality and has a good chance getting accepted.

Keep in mind that all good article directories have editors that will take a close look at your article before approving it for publication. So, make sure that you use credible sources to write your article.

Some article directories allow you to submit your own content even if it has been published elsewhere whereas others require you to submit content that has not been published anywhere on the Internet. You need to read the terms and conditions of the article directory carefully to figure out whether you can publish the same article on a number of article directories or you need a new article for each directory.

The key to success in marketing is consistency. You should set aside a certain time each day for writing articles. In case, you are super busy and cannot find time to write articles, you may also outsource article writing. There are a number of high quality article writing services that can write the article for you at an affordable price.

Tips for Writing High Quality Articles

As mentioned in the beginning, there was a time when article directories did not stress too much on quality but these days, the only thing that matters is quality. Here are a few tips to help you write high quality articles that are likely to get accepted at all the major article directories.

Artcle Headline Failure

The most important part of an article is the title. The title should not only include the keyword you are targeting but should be written in a matter to increase the click through rate on the search engine result pages. If you are in the dog grooming niche, an article titled "5 Fun Ways To Train Your Dog" is likely to generate clicks that something like, “Dog Training Tips”. Take a look at some of the article titles in the more popular websites such as BuzzFeed. They get millions of visitors by writing clever titles.

Your article should not be too short or too long. Check the guidelines of the article directories to find out the minimum and maximum number of words they allow in an article. Once you have decided on the number of words, you should organize your thoughts into an opening paragraph, closing paragraph and a body. The body should have a number of paragraphs with each paragraph dedicated to a main idea.

Article Marketing

You may also include some links to high quality sites related to the topic. Do not forget to add links to your personal website to get back links and referral traffic.

Once the article has been approved and published, you need to promote your article on social networks, blogs and even on other article directories. One of the best blogging platforms that you should summit your article to is Markethive.


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Overall, article marketing works but you need to write high quality and engaging articles for them to be accepted and get high rankings in the search engines.

To Your Success

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