Is Your Social Network Making You Go Broke – Markethive Won’t

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There are lots of on-line marketers that are subscribers of the most popular Social Networks which they utilize to promote their business,products and services either by joining groups, and also utilizing their marketing options, but are they truly receiving the results that they are seeking or is it just a waste of time and effort. When you think about it, when you add up all the time is spent, and then look at the results, you will discover the answer is yes.

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There are too many disruptions that occur when you login to these social networks such as folks trying to send you a pitch about some new shiny thing they are trying to market, or friend request from scammers, or online games.

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When it comes to games there is no stopping individuals in the way they network world-wide. A lot of these giant social networks are getting everyone's attention but also their pockets. Its hilarious how one can be so hooked on online games that they do not mind spending hundreds of dollars just to level up, and that is what those social networks are banking on.

You can't even imagine your eyes that from the time your favorite music is displayed it can spread like wild fire and will even add up over and over when it comes to its popularity.

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With these social networks your privacy is not a concern, and so many violations happen each and everyday, it is almost like once you join that social network you become their property and they can benefit greatly monetarily. That is the bottom line for those social networks making money off of you.

Markethive Social Network For Entrepreneurs

Stop wasting your time and join the Social Network For Entrepreneurs Markethive, Markethive was created by entrepreneurs for entrepreneurs and it is not only a social network it is a total inbound marketing powerhouse full of the best powerful internet marketing tools and the best part is your privacy is respected. The most mind-blowing part you can join Markethive and use all the tools and it is free for life.

This is what your get when you join Markethive:

Email Marketing Tools   

Capture Page Widgets
Email Autoresponders
Email Broadcasting
Lead Groups
Lead Management System
Amazon Mail Servers

Content Marketing

Authority Blogging Platform
Group Blog Campaigns
Blog Collaboration
Blog Sharing
Widget WordPress Plugins
Blog Curation
Social Media

Social Network
Group Broadcasting
WP Subscribe Plugin
Social Account Messaging
Content Collaboration


Content Rich Profile
Group cross links
WP Broadcast Groups
Content Widgets
Cross Comment System

Lead Management

Cross Social Networking
Lead Groups Management
Friends Curation
Leads Curation
Email,Phone, Skype
Social Networks collected
Lead Capture Profile
Lead Page Plugins
Lead Funnels


Advertising Partners Tracking
Advertising Coop Manager
Tiny URL
Website Rotator Website Tracker
Asset Map
Keyword Analysis
Back link Tracking

Plus Daily Workshops

 Markethive Workshops And Training

Coming Soon

5 seat Webinar Room For All members
more capacity will be available

There so much value being offered and these tools are very effective, you will have the tools to not only get your content viral, but you also have the tools that you can track your results. This is a no-brainer. There is no wasting time and effort in Markethive, just login and you will be up in running in minutes.

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To Your Success

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