Learn 7 Social Media Marketing Tips You Need To Succeed

History Of The Internet And Social Media

The Internet changed the world, and then social media came along and changed the Internet. From keeping up with people through Facebook, to rapid fire conversations on Twitter, to viral videos on YouTube, and Pinterest and Instagram following along with photos, social media dominates people's lives now. If you want to succeed personally, professionally, or as a business, then social media marketing is a must. Keep reading to learn 6 social media marketing tips that you can use to harness the power of the Internet and its social media apps and websites.

Social Media Plan And Strategy

1) Set up some kind of a plan before you do anything else. It's not enough to just identify particular social media platforms that you think your business should be active on and then start posting coupons every day. You need to do some background work to find out what specific platforms your client base uses. Younger generations aren't as likely to be on Facebook as older adults are. A professional crowd might be more focused on LinkedIn than YouTube if they can't watch cat videos at work. Know your audience, know the kind of content that will hook their attention, and then try to make your sales. Have specific goals based on background research.

Outsource Your Socia Media

2) Consider if you should delegate or even outsource your social media marketing efforts. If you are a small business owner, you might not have the time to keep up with multiple social media accounts. Do you have an employee who is both brand and tech savvy? Have them take charge of your online presence. If you don't have someone you trust who is able to handle the delegated duties, consider hiring a professional expert or firm to handle things for you to get proven results.

Social Media Audit

3) Run an audit of your social media profiles. Have someone dig around the Internet and see if your existing social media profiles are easily found. Check for negative feedback, disparaging articles or reviews, and be ready to ditch any accounts that search engines might not look kindly at. Also make sure that accounts are secure with strong passwords and good security. The last thing you want to make your social media presence known only to have someone criminal (or competitor) hack it to make you look bad or make you vulnerable to ransomware, where you have to pay just to get your accounts back.

Connect With Your Social Media Audience

4) Make sure your social media marketing is actually engaging to your followers or clients. Don't just post business pictures and coupons all the time. Most of the time, your posts should just be things that entertain or educate your audience. Use the content to establish your business as an authority in your field, to engender trust. Furthermore, make sure that you listen to your readers, respond to their questions and comments, and even re-share their related content (with permission) to share their photos and stories of their great experiences with your business. It is direct engagement with your social media followers that is perhaps the most powerful technique you can use, as they let you know what your business does right by them, where you can do better, and what needs they currently have unfulfilled they hope you answer in the future.

Social Media

5) Use your social media accounts to generate more traffic to your business website. Pretty much all content on your website should have social media buttons attached so that anyone visiting your website can post your content to their own accounts. Even online, word of mouth advertising is still the most effective and cost efficient form of marketing there is. Likewise, make sure that any posts, coupons, videos, or photos you put out there have embedded links that take people to your website. Positive promotional awareness on Facebook is great. Getting some of them to actually visit your website is divine.

6) Schedule your content wisely. Use apps like Hootsuite to manage Twitter and other accounts. The times you want to post your content is when people are likely on social media, which is probably evenings and weekends. Schedule the content in advance so that you do not have to have an employee doing social media marketing at that exact time, and instead can arrange everything during business hours like the rest of your workers.

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Social media marketing is an absolute must for success in today's economy. Whether you are trying to promote a chain of stores, your own small business, or just yourself as a self-employed person with skills people might need, you need to master social media marketing at least at a fundamental and basic level in order to generate attention and enthusiasm for what you bring to the table. Use these 6 social media marketing tips to get ahead.

To Your Success

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