Markethive A Viral Blogging Platform And So Much More


WordPress is one of the most well known of the blogging platforms. With WordPress you will have to have your own hosting account to have the WordPress that you can have complete control over, creating a WordPress blog can be not so simple for the newbie, you can set-up a blog using apps like Fantastico or WordPress installer. You will be able to use the default themes or install other themes to change the look of your blog, and there are also plugins to add functionality to your WordPress blog.

You can also use WordPress’s website to host your blog for free at It’s a great way to get started and learn the ins and outs of blogging, but you won’t have nearly as much control over what your blog is like with this kind of platform. The other that is popular like this is Blogger, which is ran by Google. You can get a free blog, set it up with various design choices, and it can easily be updated. With any free host like this, you’re going to have very limited monetization ,coding options you will not be able to add special plugins as well.


If you want to bring your WordPress blogging to a whole new level you can combine it with Markethive and inbound marketing platform with a very powerful viral blogging system, the beauty of Markethive is it’s viral blogging system is so simple that even a newbie will not find it difficult to create a blog, there is not setting up anything, and you could be posting your first blog in just minutes after you join.

With the ability to do blog casting and creating blog cocktails that can post blog post by you and other quality writing members of Markethive  to your WordPress blog via a WordPress that you can create at your Markethive account you can add high quality content to your WordPress that will give your blog audience even more value.

Markethive Groups

Markethive also give you the ability to join or create groups, the groups have blogging added, if you can imagine how powerful it would be to have your team blogging as a group about your business, products or services as a team and your content going viral through Markethive’s Blog Casting system, Markethive has this and also will soon have a 5 seat web conference room, all of this is FREE for life no strings attached, there is nothing like this on the Internet. To join Markethive is very simple,and once you join you could post your first blog in just minutes….

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