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List Building

At the onset of the internet, the easiest way you could drive engagement while selling your services or products was marketing through your email list.

Even ten years, actually as recently as five years ago, email marketing was effective. Regardless of the major changes that have taken place in the World Wide Web, you still get great return on investment of any marketing efforts that are made, with the user of email marketing.

Email marketing is actually very powerful; this is something that the experts agree on. Extensive research on the matter has shown that with the use of an intelligent email marketing plan, for every dollar spent, forty three dollars are earned. This is why it is crucial to prioritize list building as a part of any marketing strategy.

You have the ok from those on your email or newsletter list, they are fine with you marketing to them. They are actually hoping that you offer them with the answers and solutions to the challenges and issues in their life, in return they pay you money, and that is something that they are fine with. You do however have to do this immediately.

Here are a few things to take into consideration:

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1. Strategy

The first step, which is also probably the most important, is to have a strategy in place. As a matter of fact, anything that you do online should always be based off of a strategy. This will be an outline of what has to be done, how it has to be done and when it should be done and should apply to all of you marketing efforts online. You should also know who you target audience is and what are the results you expect from your marketing efforts.

All you are doing if you do not have an effective strategy is wasting your resources. By spending ample time working on your strategies, you will have a clear vision of what you short and long term goals are. By being aware of the exact outcome you desire from every marketing effort, you will be successful. If you want your list building activity to be successful, then it must be part of your marketing strategies.

Free Giveaways

2. Offer and Opt-In freebie that is Valuable

You will be giving something away in return for an email list. This is referred to as a bribe, freebie, give away, etc. Make sure that your personal opt-in freebie is something that someone would actually want to pay for, and then give it to them free of charge. This will not only raise your conversions, it will also provide you with a higher level of integrity in the eyes of your subscribers as well as make your list members look forward to opening every email they receive from you. One of the best methods for a landing page, is that each landing page offer a specific freebie so that you prospect is only focused on a single thing at a time.

3. Use an Email Responder Service that is Reliable

The most reputable and respected email responder services are GetResponse, AWeber and MailChimp. It is best to opt for one of these three, unless you know of another provided that is reputable and experienced. This will make the process comfortable not only for you, but also for your subscribers.

Power Lead System

4. Keep Distractions Off of Your Landing Page

Also known as a squeeze page, your landing page must provide traffic with only one of two options – opt into your email list or simply leave. Everything such as headers, columns, footers, etc. should be removed from your page. The only thing that your capture page should have is you op-on form, text, image and video that is appropriate.

5. Only Request Their Email Address

Every field in your opt-in box requirements should be removed, with the exception of the email address. Time and time again this has proven to increase conversions. The more hoops you require your potential subscribers to jump through in order to claim your opt-in freebie, the higher the chances of them leaving without having joined your list.

Although list building may seem intimidating, it can be quite simple. The important thing to do is to get started right away, you sooner you begin, the sooner you will start reaping the benefits.

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