Viral Blogging Platforms And Viral Blogging Systems In 2016

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Blogging has become the most effective way of marketing and also socializing. However, if you are going to venture into the world of blogging, it is advisable that you acknowledge some of the best viral blogging platforms and viral blogging systems on the Internet.

Moreover, you also need to understand that some of these are free for users while others charge a small fee before you can start using them. This article will discuss some of these platforms and systems in twenty sixteen. Below are the best viral blogging platforms and systems 2016 has to offer.


Many marketers have been earning money through blogging through the years. Up to now, there's actually not been a genuine “Viral Blogging System”  until Markethive, plus the best part is it is so easy to use so the seasoned network marketer or someone that really is new to blogging can utilize Markethive's blogging system.

Markethive is one of the newest and most powerful blogging platforms online, and it is a hidden jewel but the social networks are buzzing about it business owners, network marketers, and internet marketers are flooding the gates to join. Markethive is not only a viral blogging platform it has other powerful tools that can blow away the other viral blogging platforms.



You can join for free and be up in running in minutes, and the best part is that blogging with Markethive is so simple anyone can do it, and the best part is that your blog post can be shared to your social media websites and even to your WordPress blogs, yes Markethive has the amazing and powerful components added that can really make your content go super viral and reach thousands, it is that powerful.

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– WordPress

WordPress has become popular to both bloggers and marketers. That is because this particular platform gives you the privilege of starting your blog for free. Furthermore, you are also provided with customizable themes, widgets, and plugins. Moreover, you can also upgrade your account for a custom domain name at a small cost of only thirteen dollars a year. Another interesting factor about WordPress is that some of its packages are designed for e-commerce and provide email support as well.

– Blogger

Blogger platform is owned by Google and offers users great user experience with its impressive features such as Adsense, analytics, and a free blogging platform. What makes this platform popular is the fact that you can place Adsense ads and even access HTM coding for free. However, the platform does not have many themes as wordPress and offers a small capacity for storage.

– TypePad

This is another viral platform that you might want to invest in this year. However, TypePad is not a free blogging platform, and you are required to pay a fee of eight point nine five dollars every month to use this particular platform. That is why the platform is recommended for business professionals who do not mind investing their capital on their blog. However, once you pay this fee, you will be given the privilege of accessing more features including themes and unlimited storage space. However, the platform is easy to use and able to reach out to a large community.

– Tumblr

Tumblr has also established itself, and it is not only easy to use, but it is considered to be a very social blogging platform. Furthermore, as a blogger you have the privilege of reposting your posts when you need to. Moreover, Tumblr is free and offers users unlimited storage and more than nine hundred themes to use. Another reason why most bloggers prefer this platform is because users also have the opportunity to access CSS and HTML customization.


Similar to TypePad, this blogging platform is best for e-commerce functions. However, even though this platform has unique blogging capabilities, you are required to pay a fee to four dollars every month to have the privilege of using this platform. However, as a user of WIX, you have access to unlimited bandwidth, Ad integration, options for domain registration and a storage capacity of twenty gigabytes.

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The internet really is making it possible for the "little guy" to market their internet business like professionals and having a viral blogging system will help the little guy increase his or her marketing efforts to a very powerful level.  If you have a viral blogging system one can learn how to market, and make money in the process.

Being a member of a viral blogging system will enable you to generate targeted traffic.  Traffic is pretty much the most crucial thing in your business, since without traffic everything is worthless.

To Your Success

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