Why Should You Use Twitter Marketing?

Why Should You Use Twitter Marketing?

Twitter Marketing

Twitter is the best place to promote your brand, business  products or services.  All you need to do is to create a twitter account and start marketing for free. After creating your account you will have to sit down and come up with a marketing plan that  has your business strategies and goals.

It should include some of the details on how you will present the business to your followers. Try as much as possible to use good tactics to showcase your business in a positive light to attract buyers. Do all this with a subtle approach.

You have to be polite, courteous and careful when marketing your products or services on twitter. A conversational relationship is better than approaching your potential customers with a sales pitch. Online business marketing is in some ways similar to traditional business marketing as in both no customer wants a salesy pitch.

If the customers find you too aggressive, they will not buy from you. Give the customer some reliable reasons why they need to buy from you. it will even be more effective if you include any testimonials as this will convince the customer that your business products or services have satisfied  customers.

Twitter Tools

Twitter has very many tools to help you market your products and services. The tools help in tracking traffic to your website, your followers, their tweets and additional information that can make your marketing campaign more effective.

Another major reason why you should use twitter for marketing is the fact that you get to interact directly with your customers. This will help you know how the customers rate your business, what they think about your business and the level of customer satisfaction.

 As a result, you will be able to modify and adjust your strategies depending on the feedback of your customers. Interacting directly with the customer will also help you establish the much needed personal touch your customer needs as they will feel that they are not talking to an unknown entity.

Latest News

To be successful on twitter, you have to stay informed as much as possible. Follow the latest trends, news and fads that usually occur to help keep your twitter account updated. Remember to tweet often so that your customers will know that your business is active.

Research has shown that less than 10% of twitter users go back to what was posted the previous day. This means that you have to post daily so that you don’t lose the attention of your customer. Make sure you are a constant presence on twitter.


The viral marketing strategy on twitter is retweeting. Retweets spread very fast on twitter and may be a good marketing tool. They can attract thousands of new clients helping your marketing campaign. One of the best ways of getting retweets is by posting tweets discussing “how to” topics.

People like do it yourself projects and providing the knowledge can be a very good way to reach them and satisfy their needs.

Coverting Leads Into Customers

After engaging your audience on twitter, it is a good idea to drive them to your business website. Once they visit your website and find interesting and relevant information, they will be able to develop more trust and confidence in you and buy your products or services.

To Your Success

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